How Soccer Savvy Are You? Take the World Cup Quiz

Category: Culture


The World Cup kicks off today, and we here at Acclaro have created a World Cup Quiz to test your knowledge about the tournament. Is your mind a steel trap of soccer history? Do you know interesting details about some of the world’s best national teams and players?

For example, do you know which team Landon Donavan, one of the USA’s star players, belongs to in the American league?

Here is a taste of some of the other questions you might have to answer:

  • Who won the World Cup in 1970?
  • What is the “Diski” dance?
  • Which team in the North, Central America, and Caribbean league has qualified the most to play in the World Cup? *Hint: It’s not the USA!

Find out if you are a Football Freshman or a Soccer Scholar — take the World Cup Quiz now.

And don’t forget to share the results with your friends & colleagues. Unless, of course, you’re embarrassed by your score…