Website Translation Project Profiles: Solving Four International Challenges

Category: Website Translation

It goes without saying that global business expansion requires more than making words make sense in different languages. Just as with an English launch, you need to know how to reach your global audience, what their likes and dislikes are and, of course, timing is key.

From e-commerce to critical healthcare information, each of these four case studies underscore why the language leap is only one component of website localization. No two translation projects are the same, and each calls for unique solutions to match the project’s requirements.

Case Study #1: Netflix

Languages: Canadian French, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

Challenges: Extremely tight turnaround times, unpredictable content volume, and zero room for delays.

Solution: Netflix invited Acclaro team members to work alongside them during critical periods of the launch and join them onsite for weekly meetings. This made for a highly productive and responsive QA cycle, and great communication on status and open issues.

Case Study #2: Opus One

Languages: French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

Challenges: Striking the right tone and voice when translating Opus One’s unique writing style.

Solution: By adapting the brand guidelines and creative briefs to each language market and performing a linguistic review of the content, translators could work confidently to recreate the Opus One experience uniquely in each language. Want to buy wine on their German site? Click here.

Case Study #3:

Language: Spanish

Challenges: Many terms, medical and otherwise, did not have straightforward equivalents in Spanish. Another challenge was how best to communicate to web users the sections of the website that would remain in English.

Solutions: Much of the original was finessed in order to make the medical information in Spanish clearer for the general public. Instead of a splash screen explaining the partial translation situation, we opted to write a short disclaimer on the home page with asterisks next to English-only pages in the menu. Click here to view the Spanish site.

Case Study #4: Amway

Language: Japanese

Challenge: Not all Amway products are available in Japan, so our main challenge was to work closely with the client to select relevant content for the Japanese market.

Solutions: Performing a complete site audit ensured that only relevant information and webpages were translated. This reduced the scope of the project and provided serious cost savings. Curious to see what we did? Click here and wonder no more.

For a more detailed look at these case studies, be sure to check out our longer article from the Q4 2011 Acclaro Newsletter.