Travel Tips for Tech Startups Going Global

Category: International Business, Technology

For over a century, a trip on the Orient Express would take travelers from Paris to Istanbul via destinations like Vienna or Venice. Today jetsetters take off for even more far-flung global hubs like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, and London.

The developments in travel technology have changed the face of global business and tourism, and while people still love to travel, the rules have changed.

Thinking to take your company international? Tech startups looking to score big globally have a long checklist of what to do when packing up to see country or continent. Here are 4 tips to get your journey started off on the right foot:

1/ Know that mobile rules

Emerging markets are focused on mobile, so having a website that looks good and adapts to small screens is a must. Smartphones and tablets are gaining traction in Asian markets, where adoption is expected to skyrocket when 4G LTE networks take off within the next two years. Designing user interface with the expansion or contraction that many other languages require — anywhere from 30% to 50% — will save you headaches during your global launch.

2/ Create code with travel in mind

Internationalizing your source code right from the start is critical. You probably are already well aware of Unicode’s ability to support the characters of your target languages, but time, date, and currency fields need to also adjust to different norms. The same goes for names and addresses. Making the code clear from the start will prevent expensive re-workings in the future.

3/ Do your legal homework before arrival

No one wants to wind up in an international courtroom for breaking laws they didn’t even know existed. Review your EULA and privacy policy thoroughly; these will need to be adapted and translated for each of your new markets.

4/ Call on a dependable guide

The best guides have been on the ground for years. They know the terrain, best places to eat, and where to grab incredible photos to take to the folks back home. Your startup shouldn’t look like a lost tourist with guidebook in hand, struggling to figure out what to say and where to go. A solid translation and localization company will guide you through everything from global search engine marketing to the best social media sites in your target markets.

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