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Translating Your Website to Attract New Global Customers

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Most forward-thinking companies understand the value of expanding their reach into international markets. Future profits will likely depend on global buyers. Defending your brand against competitors means making the global move before U.S.-based competitors do (or even native, in-country companies). 

Despite these facts, it’s surprising how few firms have mapped out exactly how to make the trip overseas. While the approach can vary depending on your specific mix of products and/or services, there’s one defacto move which is called for in almost every situation: translating your website for new markets.

In a recent article for, Acclaro’s founding president Michael Kriz discussed a practical plan for companies interested in translating their corporate website. The article, “Translating Your Website to Attract New Global Customers,” breaks the process down into three major phases:

  • Selecting a translation partner
  • Preparing for the translation project
  • Managing the translation process 

If your executive team has been in discussions about global strategy and you’re ready to engage other departments in the discussion,check out this article for a review of the best practices involved in the website translation process. Brand and product managers, sales and marketing teams, and your IT department should all be made aware of the potential issues that can arise during a website translation project. As the article discusses, involving all the stakeholders is crucial for clear communication and smooth project management.

You can attract new customers via an organized, cost-effective approach to website translation. If you have any questions about the process, or would like to discuss your company’s specific goals, we would be glad to provide a deeper dive on any of the topics discussed in Kriz’s article.

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