Tips for Software Localization with Agile Development

Category: Software Translation

If you are considering making the jump to an agile development cycle from a more traditional waterfall method for your English software, you’ve got a lot to consider. When you add in localization and global software launches, you’ve got even more. Our recent newsletter article discusses the hurdles of software localization in an agile environment. Here is a sampling of what to know:

Budget: While agile means quicker time-to-market and better bug fixes, agile can also be costlier than waterfall from a purely budgetary standpoint, so there are some pros and cons to weigh, which increase with additional languages. You can mitigate these by only localizing select releases instead of each one.

Schedule: A regular, steady release cycle means greater team involvement. If you partner with a translation agency, the tighter workflow means that localization will be a constant priority and your team will have a more in-depth knowledge of your product.

Quality: Whether you’re talking about waterfall or agile development, you will want your localization team to have access to experts for queries along the way. Specifically, the faster pace of agile means that queries need to be addressed quickly. A central platform for queries (and bugs, if you’re testing) will help ensure that information is consolidated and visible to all team members.

People: Identification of a point-of-contact for localization-specific issues can help smooth the process, especially when time is of the essence. While this person does not need to be a loc expert, they can help liaise between team members, including external agencies.

Our newsletter article addresses even more agile-specific localization process topics, such as preparation, testing, and terminology. Our website also has information on the software localization process.