Steve Donlon Celebrates 10 Years with Acclaro

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Steve Donlon, Acclaro’s Senior Publishing Lead, has worked in the translation and localization industry since 1997 and has been with Acclaro for the past 10 years. Steve works out of Acclaro’s Maynard, MA office where he already knew most of the Acclaro people from day one with translation and localization being such as small world.

Outside of work Steve loves pursuing everything music, playing guitar and banging around on just about any instrument someone throws in front of him. Steve and his daughter, ”The Button”,  are currently taking piano lessons together and he thinks she might be better than him at the ripe old age of 6…

Steve is a bit of a film buff, minored in film in college, and really enjoys the golden age of cinema as well as quirky sci-fi and Kaiju movies. Oh and he has a “wicked” Boston accent. Born and bred. Like the Kennedies, the Wahlburgs, Matt Damon and Spock.

Congratulations on a great 10 years!