Marketing Your Brand Across Cultures: Tip 4 – Define the Desired Style and Tone

Category: Marketing Translation

So far you’ve evaluated your content, determined your target audience and outlined your budget for your marketing translation project. But now, if you are thinking about launching a marketing campaign in a new culture, you may need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What tone of voice do you want to use for your marketing materials, formal or informal?
  • How many different audiences do you need to effectively communicate to?
  • How localized should your translated content be?

If you haven’t already answered these questions, read the next tip from our eBook, Cross-Cultural Brand Success: Top 10 Translation & Localization Tips, on how to define the desired style and tone for your marketing materials.

This blog series will continue with more of our top tips on cross cultural brand success. In the meantime, download our eBook now!