Making Localization and Translation Fun: Intro

Category: Translation Services

This may seem like a silly question but here goes…what in the world is localization? And how can it dramatically transform your business?

This summer, we’re going to answer these questions and many, many more in this playful new blog series: “Making Localization and Translation Fun”. Let’s just say that we’re taking localization on a little vacation these next few months and exploring the fun side of an industry that tends to mystify the uninitiated.

What’s the purpose of this foray into the realm of pure leisure? The point of this blog series is to use pastimes that we understand and love, such as dining out, beach lounging and sipping exotic cocktails, to draw unexpected parallels with localization and translation. In a nutshell, we’d like to make these seemingly complex concepts approachable for business professionals in all industries and walks of life…and have a little fun along the way.

Each week we’ll focus on one activity in a brief slideshow and impart a bite-sized lesson on localization. If you were wondering what a BBQ can teach you about website translation, or how traveling in Europe is like preparing for software localization, this summer series is for you.

Stay tuned for our first slideshow next week on localization and dining out. We’ll serve up tantalizing imagery, delicious recipes for success and a hefty portion of summer fun…all in 30 seconds’ time.