Localize Customer Support & Communication for Each of Your Global Markets

Localize Customer Support & Communication for Each of Your Global Markets

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Once you’ve established your company to do business in a new market, organized your new workforce to produce your product or provide your services, and translated your marketing content, you’ve set your business up for success across cultures! Now, you must be able to communicate effectively with prospects through each stage of the buyer’s journey. Once they’ve purchased a product or service, you need to be able to communicate with them to answer questions, address any concerns, or otherwise serve their needs.

Digital and Over-the-Phone Customer Service Options

Besides the language barriers, one significant hurdle to overcome when taking your business global is figuring out how to provide customer service to diverse markets that may have a normal workday schedule that is wildly different than where your customer service professionals are located. One great way to address customer service needs around the clock in a global marketplace is to use digital options like email and web contact forms with immediate, workflow-generated auto-responses, chat functions, and mobile apps. Regardless of the methods you choose, your online content should help you convey the information your customers need.

Using an over-the-phone interpretation service (OPI) is another option. OPI allows you to instantly connect customers with your team of existing, knowledgeable customer service or sales representatives using an interpreter rather than having to train entirely new local support representatives. OPI is a simple, stress-free way to instantly connect with a professional linguist, facilitating bilingual communication anytime and anywhere. It’s an economical way to use your existing customer support workforce to support your business as you branch into new markets.

eLearning and Other Customer Support Materials

Making well-translated and localized instructional content available to your customers is vital both during the buyer’s journey and after you’ve closed a sale. Videos that are effective and accessible to your customers in every market are an integral part of growing your business, developing customer loyalty, and enhancing your brand.

  • 73% of online-enabled consumers report they are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos that explain a product or service.
  • 58% of consumers consider companies that include video content as part of their online presence to be “more trustworthy” than companies that do not.[1]

Once a prospect has become a customer, you should be able to support that sale with warranties, manuals, instruction books, and other written materials that are both understandable and accessible to the local customer base.

You can make many customer support materials available on your website, targeting product usage, training, and operations. This content can include videos, product manuals, and written answers to frequently asked questions. Ensuring that you provide your new customers with a variety of options to contact you will help you build brand loyalty, recognition, and credibility in your new market.

Developing Effective Customer Service Materials

There are a variety of ways to get an idea of what should (or should not) be included when translating your customer-facing materials for every stage of their journey. Having your content evaluated by a localization professional, conducting a survey, interview, or focus group in the target audience, and speaking with the managers who will be overseeing each new local market are all great ways to get started. Working with a translation and localization team will help you develop content that will resonate with your expanding global audiences.

While challenging, expanding your business and brand into new markets has the potential for significant expansion and growth. Acclaro specializes in expertly adapting brands, products, and services to new language markets. We provide translation, localization, and interpretation services for markets across the globe. Please contact us to find out how our team of translation professionals can help you translate your existing customer-facing projects and develop successful global customer support resources.

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