Last Minute Holiday Solutions

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Those of you who braved the crowds and were trampled by hoards of not-so-merry shoppers this past weekend know that last minute shopping is the pits. There’s no better way to get instantly harried and haggard. Pacing the mall the week before Christmas is sure to take you from jolly to jaded in no time, extinguishing your flame of holiday merriment.

Sparring for a parking place, elbowing your way through the crowded aisles, dodging shopping carts and wayward children, languishing in long lines…only to discover that the items you wanted are sold out – such madness can turn the biggest holiday reveler into a grinch real fast.

Desperation may be setting in today as you come to terms with the fact that not even Amazon can save you at this stage in the game – there are only four business days left before Christmas and rush shipping is sure to cost more than the gift itself.

Presents from colleagues, partners, clients, vendors and friends have started to pour in; your holiday unease is amplified this morning as you contemplate the many offerings from individuals you completely overlooked in the holiday gift list. It’s way too late to reciprocate, especially with your overseas contacts who diligently mailed their gifts to you a month ago to ensure an on-time delivery.

Enough of the holiday hubbub. Stop everything for a moment, take a deep breath and relax. We have a solution to your holiday quandary this year that does not involve shopping or shipping: a turn-key international card creator that generates a unique holiday message in eight different languages.

Sometimes a sincere greeting and heartfelt salutation can mean more than a box of (melted) chocolates or a gizmo – especially when the sender took the time to have the message translated into your native language. The Go Global Holiday Card Creator allows you to create a last-minute, perfectly translated message for your overseas and expat friends in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German. You can spare yourself the holiday hassle AND save on postage by creating a unique ecard for your contacts, letting them know how much you appreciate their friendship and expressing hope and enthusiasm for all that 2011 holds in store for your partnership.

Let yourself off the hook this year. Times have been and continue to be tough. Business may be recovering but the pace is slow. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for us to look beyond the commercial aspect of the holidays in order to cultivate something more meaningful with our business contacts at home and abroad.