Happy Fourth Birthday to My Acclaro

Happy Fourth Birthday to My Acclaro

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As I’m sure many others can understand, I’ve found it difficult during the last few months to keep in mind that time can go by really fast when we aren’t watching the seconds go by. I was recently reminded of this while working on prioritization of our 2021 goals for our Acclaro software development team. 

It was nearly four years ago that we launched My Acclaro, our customer web portal. Only a few months earlier I had become a new hire at Acclaro, tasked to lead the way in the buildup of solutions that would help our customers and project managers better exchange files and communicate on translation projects. 

We didn’t know if we could pull off such a drastic change to how the organization had interfaced with clients for the past 15+ years, but we knew we had to start somewhere. User stories were written, UX mock-ups were designed and code was written. We definitely made our fair share of architecture and usability mistakes, but hindsight is always 20/20 — and just like the year 2020 has forced us to reevaluate what’s most important, we aim to learn from our past while building a better future. 

I want to thank everyone at Acclaro and all of our customers who have used My Acclaro. Special thanks to those who have contributed helpful feedback and even bug reports. Although knowing defects made it to production can be disappointing, we take solace in the bugs as evidence that the portal is being used as a critical bridge for our clients’ translation workflows. 

As we look forward to 2021, the product team is committed to making My Acclaro the best translation portal it can be. And with that, I’d like to say, “Happy fourth birthday, My Acclaro! Wishing you many more years of source files, target languages and on time deliveries.”

My Acclaro Client Portal - Fourth Birthday