Go Global With Your Holiday Greetings

Category: Culture, International Business

The holidays are an excellent occasion to reestablish contact and renew relationships with business partners and friends who may have gotten lost in the shuffle this year. A standard holiday card with a generic greeting can get the job done – but a personalized card is often more considerate and meaningful, as it truly communicates the value you place in that particular relationship.

For international business contacts, a personalized greeting in their native language is the ultimate expression of sensitivity to their culture and appreciation of the relationship you have fostered with them. Though English may be the international language of business, your friends and partners overseas would be pleasantly surprised by your efforts to send holiday tidings in their language. This small gesture can speak louder than words to communicate how much you value their partnership.

In the spirit of the holidays and with this international business audience in mind, we have designed a multilingual card creator that allows you to create and send personalized greetings to your international contacts in eight different languages – in less than a minute!

Using our Go Global Holiday Card Creator, you can send holiday wishes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Each of the greetings has been carefully translated and, when necessary, transcreated for the individual language groups to appropriately convey holiday cheer across cultures.

Delight your friends and associates this year with a unique ecard that is clearly crafted specifically for them – and impress them with your newfound language smarts. Not only will you score points with clients – you will also enjoy the streamlined process of creating a foreign language message that is culturally sensitive and flawlessly translated.

Because you understand that words have much more impact when pronounced in a language you fully understand, make your holiday cards meaningful – and localized – this year.  It’s a sure way to set the tone for successful business relationships in 2011!