Geek2Geek Answers: Drupal and UI References

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Here are two questions that I answered recently via our Acclaro Twitter account:

Q: How are UI references in docs reconciled with UI on software if both UI & docs are created simultaneously? 

A: The best approach is to extract named UI elements as part of the setup process and create a glossary of the terms used in the software up front. You can then translate the glossary into each of your target languages and go through the linguistic approval process to make sure it’s accurate and complete before you begin the translation of the UI and UA.

Q: We’re thinking about Drupal for our U.S. and international websites. A good choice? How do we get started?

A: Drupal is an excellent choice for both English-based and international websites. It’s considered a global-ready CMS. Drupal provides localized interface language packs for non-English speakers. Content within Drupal can be organized by language and locale variants. Drupal also allows internal international teams to translate, edit, adapt and even author inside the CMS system.

To get started with Drupal for your international websites, I recommend you read:

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