Doing Business In China: Three Easy Steps

Category: Culture, International Business

Need some customers for your product? China is predicted to have 800 million of them by 2030 and about half a billion current internet and/or mobile device users, according to Fast Company. But slow down there, Seabiscuit. Before you grab your Chinese domain name and book tickets to Shanghai, make sure to strategize to make sure your site doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Or 1,000,000,000 deaf ears, that is.

  1. Getting the word on your brand or product out to one person is tricky enough. How about 500 million of them? Social media is the way to go. Do you know Weibo? You should, and here’s why it’s important to know all things Weibo. Oh, and read this, too, about doing business in China.
  2. Your website and/or software will be to be in Unicode to handle the character set. But that’s not all: you will also need to prepare your product for input/ouptput with Chinese characters…before you start translation.
  3. Now, you’re ready to translate, and we can help with Chinese translation. Don’t forget about testing (or, as we like to say, expect the unexpected).

Now that you’re all set, attend a lavish Chinese banquet with your newfound business associates, where burping is acceptable and using chopsticks is required. Ain’t global expansion great?

photo attribution: Stuck in Customs