Congratulations to Fitbit on their Japanese Expansion

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Website translation projects and product launches are, by their nature, not simple. While we’re pretty accustomed to eating complexity for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Acclaro (regardless of the time zone), we always find our projects in the best shape when our clients join us at the table. Much like the way a sports trainer can push you to achieve more, there are times when our own clients challenge and motivate us in surprising ways.

This was definitely the case with Fitbit, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment here to thank them for choosing us for a fourth translation and localization launch. We’ve been to Germany, Spain, and France with the Fitbit crew. This time around, we climbed the Mt. Fuji of launches with Japanese translation of Fitbit’s mobile and desktop apps as well as their website.


Fitbit, in case you don’t know, is a market leader in connected health and fitness. Their wireless devices (Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One) offer insights and encouragement to make smart choices in regards to physical well-being and to see how small, everyday changes add up to big results.

This was a great collaboration. Thanks to Woody Scal, Chief Revenue Officer for Fitbit, for placing his trust in us again. For the Japan launch, our teams pretty much had to be in the best translating and project managing shape of their lives. The website translation and localization effort demanded coordination between our respective teams from San Francisco and Japan to France and Moscow. Fitbit also went the extra mile (or is that extra 5,280 steps?) to provide their devices to our translators, so we could get a hands-on understanding of their incredibly slick product.


My gratitude also goes out to our own Lydia Clarke, Acclaro’s SF manager, who has a nuanced understanding of how sensitive the Japanese customer’s ear is when it comes to translation. A perfect translation takes a sustained team effort, and Fitbit graciously allowed us the time and resources we needed to make it just right.

We know Japan will be a success story for Fitbit. The product seems positively made for the Japanese enthusiasm for fitness and technology, and we expect to see great things as Fitbit climbs into yet another international market (their seventh!).

From everyone at Acclaro, thank you, Fitbit, for pushing us to do our best, and giving us another opportunity to further refine our talents in Japan. Just like you do for thousands of users world-wide, you motivate us.