How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Website - Step 9: Integrating with Acclaro

How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Website – Step 9: Integrating with Acclaro

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Now that you’ve connected your WordPress website with the WPML plugin to Acclaro, we’ll show how to get the most out of your connection. And if you missed the last blog and need to catch up, you can do so here. And, as always, if you need to send your developer to our video series for step-by-step instructions, here’s the link.

Now let’s maximize your integration with Acclaro. As an example, we put one piece of content into the “hopper” and show you how to manage it.

How to Send a Translation Job to Acclaro

Head over to your Translation Management dashboard. (As a reminder, you can there from your Admin dashboard > WPML > Translation Management.

How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Website- Translation Management

The default open tab is Translation Dashboard. From the selectable fields at the top of the page (All types; English; Any language; etc) select what content page you want to translate. It could be a Post or a Page, for example.

Once you choose your content page, click “Add to Translation Basket.” This is where all of the content you wish to be translated by Acclaro needs to go. Consider it a “to-do list” of sorts.

Now go to Translation Basket (the tab at the top of the page) and scroll down.

How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Website- Translation Basket

You’ll want to choose Acclaro as your “Translate by” field. Then you can choose your suggested deadline and click “Send all items for translation.” Boom! Acclaro will immediately receive your content to be translated.

There are now three ways to check on a job’s status.

  1. Go to the Translation Jobs tab at the top of your Translation Management dashboard and click the “Synchronize status” button.
  2. Log on to your My Acclaro dashboard (
  3. Wait for an email to be sent to you upon each job’s completion (but who has the patience for an email, right?)

What to Do with a Completed Translation Job

In the previous blog post, we suggested that you set your translated jobs to Draft instead of Publish, so you and your team can review each job (just to be safe).

So each time a job is complete, it is sent to your WordPress site, and can be accessed through your Admin dashboard. For example, if you sent a Post to be translated, once you receive an email that the translation was completed, just head to the “Post” section of your Admin dashboard and you can review that post. You can then edit it and publish it on your own.

Note: At no time did Acclaro have access to your website. To get truly nerdy here, WordPress and the WPML plugin sent your translation job through API to an Acclaro professional, who then translated it and sent it back to your website through API. Technology is amazing!

In our very last blog of the multilingual WordPress website series, we’ll summarize our learnings and help you get the most out of your new website.