How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Website - Step 10: Get Your Graduate’s Degree in Creating Translation-Ready Website Content

How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Website – Step 10: Get Your Graduate’s Degree in Creating Translation-Ready Website Content

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You’ve created your WordPress website with the WPML plugin. You’ve chosen your theme and plugins. You’ve connected your website to Acclaro. And now, hopefully, you’re getting professional translation via the magic of API.

If you need to catch up at all, you can find the previous step here. Also, we’ve created a handy, step-by-step video guide for developers, which you can access here.  

To get your unofficial Graduate’s Degree—or, let’s admit it, to have a handy cheat sheet—this blog will recap the most important points to creating a multilingual WordPress website that makes translations seamless, while also representing your brand in the most professional, efficient way possible.  

Internationalization vs Localization

Internationalization is using coding best practices to allow your site to be translated. This is, ideally, created by a programmer and not a marketer. (No offense to marketers.)

Localization, on the other hand, deals with the actual process of translating. These translations can be done by multilingual marketers and professional translators, not programmers. (No offense to programmers.)

Themes, Plugins & Alt Tags

When choosing a WordPress theme and plugin for your Multilingual website, make sure they are internationalized, so they can be localized by the WPML plugin and then your chosen translator.

You’ll also want to make sure that your site has the proper alt tags to indicate multilingual content. These tags let Google know that your duplicate content is duplicated for a reason (multiple languages). Whatever you can do to make Google happy, do it.

Professional Translation Services

Remember, whomever you choose for your translation and localization service, you don’t have to give them access to your website. Acclaro not only gives you quality, prompt translation you can trust, they have technologies that let your website do most of the back-and-forth for you. All you have to do is post a translation, send it, wait and review it. 100% secure. 100% proven. No surprises is a good thing!

Thank you for following our WordPress website blog series! We hope that your multilingual website will make translations as seamless as possible for you and your team. And we hope that your brand will continue to grow and expand.

You’ve taken the correct steps for multilingual success! If you have any questions, or need professional translation services, don’t hesitate to contact the Acclaro team.