Breaking News: We Have Our Heads In the Cloud

Category: Technology

Acclaro now uses SharePoint, among other cloud-computing technologies, to help keep things running on the ground. “This SharePoint site is just one of many web-based business applications that our internal teams leverage to efficiently manage projects across time zones,” says Acclaro President Michael Kriz. “The flexibility, mobility and accessibility of these technologies have changed how we do business.”

This technology allows Acclaro to centrally deploy and manage applications for our internal teams and partners, and share information more easily and efficiently. And for Acclaro translation and localization clients, having “our heads in the cloud” doesn’t mean we aren’t managing projects with the same attention we always do. In fact, the use of this cloud technology actually means that we can spend less time chasing information and more time keeping the production wheels moving. The key benefit of this implementation is the ability to stay apprised of project information in real-time, reducing reporting and status delays as well as overall project cost — a true “win-win” solution for everyone involved.

For more information, read our press release on our News page. And let us know how your company uses the cloud to gain more efficiency.

Photo attribution: kevin dooley