NEWS: Announcing beyont: Your Go-To Company for Global Staffing Solutions

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We’vealways said that language evolves to meet the needs of a culture. So shouldn’tlanguage services evolve to meet the needs of a changing global landscape? AtAcclaro, we think so. That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of beyont: a partner company specializing in localization staffing andrecruiting as well as globalization consulting.

Localization Talent

Whenit comes to building an international workforce, we think the process should beguesswork-free. beyont leverages the network of verified professionals thatAcclaro has built over the last 15 years. Our executives have decades offirst-hand experience with translationand localization projects, andthat means crucial insight into what makes for a great candidate in the realworld. beyont packages that experience in a staffing and recruiting firm thatnot only builds core localization talent — it builds a long-term strategy forsuccess across cultures.

Scalable Language Teams

In-betweenhas always been a tough place to be — until now. beyont fills a gap forcompanies that need a dedicated translation and localization team, but thataren’t ready to hire full-time staff. What better way to fast-track yourproject than to build a flexible team of localization professionals for hire? beyontnot only vets new candidates; it also guides global businesses through theprocess of scaling up or down to meet the needs of the day.

Globalization Consulting

Settingsail across the international marketplace requires a whole new navigationstrategy, and that’s what beyont offers with language- and market-specificconsulting. We understand that the buying patterns of international customershinge on the current economic, political, and cultural tides of each targetmarket. Even the technological trends of a specific region can make or breakyour next launch. That’s why beyont consults with international companies toinvest in the right strategy, infrastructure and process to expand with awell-charted plan.

Fortoo long, Acclaro has observed a gap in the localization industry. beyont fillsthat void by bringing together hands-on operations experience with all theresources of a conventional staffing firm. The result? Localization staffing,recruiting and globalization consulting built on the greatest resource in the industry:the people that connect cultures.

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