Bastille Day Fun

Category: Culture


Even if you don’t speak a word of French, you can still get into the spirit of Bastille Day. The quatorze juillet, or la fête nationale française, commemorates the fateful storming of the Bastille (a prison for “enemies” of the monarchy) and the beginning of the French revolution. But more than the individual events that occurred on July 14th, 1789, the ideals behind this popular uprising are important to remember; many lie at the heart of current day rebellions.

Bastille day commemorates the victory of the voice of the people against tyranny, absolute power, injustice and oppression. It’s a celebration of three fundamental French values that we hope will be universal some day:  liberty, equality and fraternity for all people.

So while you’re putting the champagne on ice and considering which French bistro to dine at this evening, take a moment to ponder these ideas and raise a glass to the triomphe français.

Photo attribution: rosswebsdale