Alexis Wallace Celebrates 2 Years with Acclaro

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Alexis Wallace celebrated her 2nd anniversary with Acclaro this year.

Alexis developed a love of languages early on, especially French. Her BA in French from the University of Washington in Seattle included a year in Montpellier, and upon graduation in 2002, she moved to Germany. She loved her year and a half teaching English at Berlitz in Saarbrücken and also started freelance translation.

After Germany, Alexis taught English for three years in southwestern France, then a year at the University of Bordeaux. Back home in San Francisco and during her 1-year stay on the Pacific island of Guam, she continued her work as a translator. In the summer of 2014, Alexis happily accepted a position as a Project Manager at Acclaro’s San Francisco office.

When she’s not at the office, you’ll find Alexis on a bicycle, under water with a scuba tank, in the mountains with skis or a backpack, or in the kitchen cooking with her dog, who patiently waits for scraps.

Congratulations Alexis on two years with Acclaro!