Acing Your Global App Launch

Category: Global Design, Technology

In order to ace your global mobile application launch, you may want to consider the following:

Is your homework done? If you’re not sure how popular certain types of mobile applications are in your markets, which demographics are using them, or have information about the prevalent mobile devices and operating platforms in your countries, you may be faced with a larger challenge than you’ve bargained (or budgeted) for.

Have you reviewed your notes? Knowing how the various characters and characteristics of your languages will affect how your app functions, called internationalization, can help make sure your localization budget doesn’t get overblown by other language-related challenges, like natural language expansion or contraction, or the varying date/time/number formats your users may input.

Are you ready for the final exam? If testing your entire application in every language and on every device and platform sounds like a lot of work, you may need to come up with a testing matrix. There are some options to streamline effort and budget while making sure your application operates the way it should.

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