How to Build a Multilingual WordPress Site Video Training

Acclaro Releases “Building Multilingual Sites with WordPress” Video Training Course Produced by OSTraining

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Acclaro, in partnership with OSTraining, has announced the immediate availability of a series of how-to videos that offer a comprehensive resource for learning how to build a multilingual WordPress site.

The 15-video series, produced by OSTraining and made possible by Acclaro, includes expert guidance and step-by-step instructions for building a multilingual WordPress website and connecting it to a professional translation service. The series focuses on WordPress and WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin), and aims to empower new and experienced WordPress developers with the knowledge they need to launch and manage a multilingual WordPress site.

Michael Kriz, Acclaro’s Founder & CEO, commented, “Empowering WordPress developers to create global, multilingual sites is a fundamental part of the video series’ mission, and we’re incredibly happy with the educational experience this video series offers. Our strategy is to offer clients translation technology and integration solutions that make them more efficient. With the WPML connector, we can meet the growing demand for continuous website translation and help to reduce the complexity of managing multilingual WordPress sites.”

Steve Burge, CEO of OSTraining, noted that, “We were delighted to partner with Acclaro, a market leading translation services company, to create training-marketing videos for managing WordPress content translation. With WordPress powering more than a quarter of the web, this training-marketing effort will simultaneously create awareness for the translation plugin at the same time it teaches web developers how to use it. Our aim with this free training is to empower the WordPress community and user base.”

The course starts with an introduction to the business benefits of launching a multilingual WordPress site, followed by information on translation ready WordPress themes and plugins and installing WPML, before discussing in-depth how to configure WPML, translate menus, sidebars and content with WPML, and connecting WordPress to a professional translation agency. The series culminates with an in-depth explanation of how to manage multilingual WordPress content without having to leave WordPress.

Acclaro offers WordPress developers a direct integration to its translation management platform and translation services using the WPML plugin. This integration makes it much easier for WordPress web admins and content managers to launch multilingual WordPress content. Acclaro’s and OSTraining’s “Building Multilingual Sites with WordPress” course is an incredible resource for developers to learn how to effectively build a professional, multilingual website.

About Acclaro

Acclaro is a localization and translation company that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. Through a fine-tuned process, top industry talent and leading technologies, we make a long-term investment in our clients’ global reputations.

Working in over 100 languages and with offices around the globe, Acclaro specializes in helping clients open new markets and gain a competitive edge by expertly adapting their brands, products and services with faster turnaround times, high quality translations and lower costs.

About OSTraining

OSTraining reaches over 1 million web developers each month and teaches them how to build great websites. OSTraining is a Florida-based training and marketing company, with clients ranging from Apple, Pfizer, to IBM and GoDaddy.

Training-Marketing services from OSTraining can effectively place a company’s services in front of thousands of web developers. The teacher-student relationship gives OSTraining a unique position from which to talk about a company’s products and how much we like them. This type of influencer marketing can deliver an ROI that is over 11 times greater than other forms of digital media.