Acclaro President Discusses Retail Localization

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Acclaro President Michael Kriz discussed cross-channel retail localization recently in an article published on International companies seeking effective marketing translation services on a global scale should take note of a few key points. First and foremost, no matter where you are in the world, your retail customers will find you in different ways: on their mobile devices, on the internet, and/or in your actual brick and mortar store, such as in this Istanbul mall pictured here. International retailers should provide a “seamless experience for customer engagement” across all points of interaction between the store and the customer, including physical and virtual points-of-sale. However you present yourself worldwide, communication across all of these areas must be consistent in order to build credibility.

If you are looking to attract international customers via eCommerce or retail portals, coordinating your translation strategy is key to your success. Build consistency by unifying all in-country communication — including in-store signage, advertising, online portals, marketing, and employee-facing content — to create a solid brand identity and company voice throughout all levels of your organization. Make sure that your employees understand your mission and goals, as they will be the ones communicating this to your customers and supporting your advertising and marketing campaigns.

Finally, know your customer’s language. For example, don’t assume that European Spanish will work in Latin America, or that Traditional Chinese will be functional in mainland China. Also, make sure that you can store and reuse existing translations, both internally and externally. Having a trusted translation partner by your side can help make sure you are prepared to enter these markets up front, so that your customers will be ready to buy from you from the moment you launch.

Have any global retail brands done this right (or wrong)? What worked? What didn’t? Let us know below!

Photo attribution (Istanbul mall): maistora