10 Top Acclaro Retail Brands

Category: International Business, Marketing Translation

What do Brooke Shields, Kate Moss and Lara Stone have in common? Besides the obvious answer (all three are models, all three are gorgeous, etc.), here’s the common denominator I’m looking for: all three have posed for brands that rely on Acclaro for their translation and localization.

From Calvin Klein to Coach, Tiffany to Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue to Vera Wang, we’ve designed localization solutions for some of the top names in retail and la mode. Living and working in one of the fashion capitals of the world has no doubt helped us to gain an appreciation for these brands’ unique culture and business needs, and respond to them with tailor-made solutions.

Based on our client list, you could say that we don’t just specialize in retail localization — we are also the luxury good localization experts. This sector has seen enormous growth with the rising demand from China and other emerging markets for everything from designer watches to BMWs, iPads and collectible wines. Localizing luxury requires agility and market knowledge in order to adapt a brand’s image and voice to the unique demands of each target culture. At Acclaro, we’ve spent 10 years refining our localization fashion sense and have had the amazing opportunity to translate haute couture, diamonds, fine wine, copperware and much more for consumers around the globe.

In today’s “runway” show, 10 of our favorite clients have a chance to strut down the Acclaro catwalk. Featured models include fashion, food and wine brands that have trusted Acclaro to recreate their magazine ads, video clips, retail websites, marketing brochures, mobile apps and employee training programs for exciting international markets.  

We hope you enjoy the show!


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