10 Top Acclaro Localization Geeks

Category: Translation Services

As you may have seen in our last 10th Anniversary slideshow, our people are one of our greatest assets. While robots may finally be learning to recognize themselves, they’re still no match for people when it comes to doing what we do best.

So, who are these hardworking men and women who dedicate their business days (and sometimes, nights and weekends) to the linguistic transformations that empower our clients to enter global markets with confidence? Well, first and foremost, we’re a diverse bunch: athletes and travelers, readers and musicians, gamers and gastronomes. And what do we have in common? Put simply: we’re geeks. Specifically, we’re localization geeks. Not sure about what constitutes a geek? Check out this nifty wikiHow article.

Every member of the Acclaro team personifies the two most important characteristics of geekery outlined in that Venn diagram: obsession (with language, and all things translation, localization, globalization, and internationalization, of course) combined with intelligence (about technology and the ins and outs of preparing corporate for all manner of global expansion, naturally). In this next edition of our 10th Anniversary slideshow series, may we present the 10 Biggest Localization Geeks at Acclaro.


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