Top 10 Countries for Acclaro Localization Projects

Category: International Business, Language

Next in our 10th Anniversary blog series on 10 Things to Love about Acclaro, we’d like to reveal the top-10 list of countries we’ve localized for over the past decade. These are the vibrant, lucrative, hustling and bustling markets that our clients have chosen when taking their businesses global.

It’s a big world out there, and sometimes deciding which international markets to target first with a product or service can be challenging. What did Yahoo!, Visa, Tiffany’s & Co. and Ralph Lauren do? Where are our eCommerce clients going with their new multilingual web portals? Where are our tech clients first releasing their localized software? Which countries do our fashion and beauty industry clients cater to?

View the slideshow below to find out what our clients’ top destinations and languages are. You’ll pick up a fun fact for each country along the way as you flip through the slides. Don’t forget to run your mouse over each photo for a hidden snapshot of the culture. 

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