10 Movers and Shakers at Acclaro

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Let’s kick off the 10th Anniversary blog series on 10 Things to Love about Acclaro with the inside scoop on Acclaro team members.

Who are the head honchos at Acclaro? Who moves and shakes the cutting edge translation solutions that take companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Coach and Opus One to language markets all over the world?

There are 10 big hitters behind the service and innovation that make Acclaro one of a kind in the localization industry. Get to know these top players in the interactive slideshow below, starting with #10 and moving up to the #1 head honcho. We’ve asked them for their most outlandish hobby (beware: some may seem way too normal). Run your mouse over their faces for a snapshot of their personalities, then click the thumbnails to move to the next Acclaro mover and shaker.

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