10 Causes We Care About

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A quick poll of Acclaro employees about charitable giving started a cascade of emails and information about all sorts of community work. The organizations that we have supported over the last ten years range from food banks to hospitals, the Red Cross to Bikes Not Bombs. We walk for a cure, ride for a cure, sponsor children in faraway places and volunteer our time and skills to support those with fewer resources. Acclaro employees regularly commit time, energy and money to supporting causes that are important to us — and Acclaro supports that commitment.

In an organization that’s as diverse as Acclaro, there’s bound to be some “continental drift”; corporate culture isn’t quite the same in each of our locations. The one constant, though, seems to be a commitment to supporting our communities. And while we may not speak the same languages at home, at work we can connect on more than just a professional level: fundraising emails make the rounds every other month and help to bring a globally distributed team that much closer together.

Continuing our 10th anniversary blog series, let’s take a look at ten of the organizations that Acclaro employees care about and support:

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